Our mission is to help clients create safe drug names,
because brand names are one of Pharma's most impactful tools.


Drug Names Matter


  Back in 2006, equipped with the best Bay Area creative freelancers and independent name safety-experts, we went to work on helping the biopharma industry create the greatest drug names ever.

  My vision: "drug names matter."

Because as part of a small pioneering team

–that in NYC in the ‘90s defined the drug naming space–

I was lucky enough to help christen many memorable,

blockbuster brands like

Viagra®, Enbrel®, and Celebrex®


I witnessed how these powerful brand names became impactful tools for our clients, 

unlocking the doors to deeper patient and physician engagement. 

I learned how special Pharma naming can be: it is that rare opportunity to inspire

health and well being. 


But if all we did was create great drug names,

our mission, and our worth to clients, would still be unfinished.



Because Pharma brand names must be proven "safe" prior to approval,

 or else clients risk a costly regulatory rejection. 


Drug names matter...

because when drug names are safe, the remarkable promises of

hope, health, and healing can be unleashed.



“I offer my highest recommendation for Gary and his work.  He is one of the few I’ve met that really knows what he’s talking about, has been an executive at the highest level, yet never loses touch of the client relationship.”
–PATRICK BLAIR / Professional Oral Health

“The analysis of our brand equity combined with expert guidance helped us determine the right nomenclature direction.  They took the time to really understand our business needs and made sure that the analysis was in line with our overall product strategy. We've worked with Gary in the past and look forward to working with Gary Martin Group in the future for our strategic branding needs.”


–MATT FAZIO / Marketing Director 

“Gary has been efficiently productive, responsive and, above all, creative. I strongly recommend him for any future branding work.”


–LOUIS SCOTTI / Vice President Commercial Planning 

"You guys did a great job. Your analysis and team workshop helped us see the Hospira corporate brand differently. We’ll keep Gary Martin Group in mind for future work.”


DONALD J. SCHMID / Experiential Marketing & Corp. Branding


Drug, Pharmaceutical and FDA Proprietary Names and Trademarks

Gary Martin


I help companies create names, and I believe drug names matter.


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