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Drug Naming Lessons

Something happened recently that’s rarely seen in drug naming these days: Evoke Pharma announced that it’s new proprietary name, GIMOTI™, had been conditionally accepted by FDA prior to marketing authorization. What makes this brand name announcement surprising is the risk of a "train wreck scenario,” or that GIMOTI will not be their final brand name. That’s because in Pharma, proprietary names must undergo a second “approval” evaluation 90 days before the final approval of the drug data submission. So usually Pharma companies delay announcing their brand name until they are closer to or at final approval.

The merit of brand-naming announcement strategies like this one is something that I have been advising clients on for over 20 years (sidebar: Evoke’s stock soared 26% following the announcement). I’ve also had the good fortune of leading more than 200 brand naming assignments, and establishing well over 2000 successful client relationships with some of the world’s best companies.

This considerable drug-naming experience has led me to develop a new website, My vision is that “drug names matter”––because the brand name is one of Pharma’s most impactful tools­­––and my mission is to help clients create safe drug names they can trust.

On my new website I plan to share the many lessons and learning about drug naming I’ve gained over the years, such as the useful tools you can go to now:

I hope you find my new site informative, and please don’t hesitate to email me or call with your suggestions or comments. My intention is to provide support and information on drug naming to help escalate your business.

Also, check out our Blog posts and sign up for our Newsletter to get on-going naming news and advice.

I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.


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